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The greatest turn-based strategy game to have ever been sold on this planet.
"All your continent are belong to me"

"Lulz nuked Washington!!!!!1111"

"Dispose of my copy of Civilization II? I'd rather suck a cock!"
by facingeast July 10, 2008
A classic turn-based strategy game created by Sid Meier. Endorsed by world leaders like Vlad Putin, George Bush and Saddam. Still modded and played by a small, Illuminati-like online cabal. True believers consider CIV2 the best of the series. Back in the glory days, CIV2 was as infamous as Morrowind for robbing players of whole days, weeks and months of their lives.
Civilization II player's chant: "Just...One...More...Turn!"
by Curt Sibling February 25, 2010
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