1) An insult coined among military personnel, used to describe someone who is lazy, weak, or unmotivated, i.e. a civilian.
1) This civ in the bar told me "All the soldiers in Iraq are retarded", so I stuffed his bar stool up his ass sideways.
by Arkaine Deao February 10, 2011
The name for a person who plays Civilization games. Generally acts like a pompous asshat and know-it-all. Tries to weasel into social groups by talking about civilization.
Bob: "You know what game I love? Civilization. You can build technology and launch the first lunar lander and -"

Ted: "Is there zerglings?"

Bob: "No, but -"

Ted: "Shut up, civ."
by Jerktart October 18, 2011
1) Sid Meiyer's civilization. The best game series ever created.
2) any game that you cant stop playing for more then 3 hours.
Civ 4 will destroy my life.

Man, master of orion totally cived me.
by Mark July 06, 2004
^Don't know what the hell he's smoking, but I've only heard Civ used as short for Civilization, one of the greatest games of all time.
In Civ 3: Conquests you can be a Fascist nation, what could be better?
by Elitist January 01, 2004
a horrible ice hockey goaltender
The other team's goalie was such a civ, he missed 3 shots from the blue line and scored on himself at the end of the second period.
by Johnnyhxc May 23, 2011
A derogatory term used to describe a person who is useless or annoying. A random person.
Jake is such a civ.
by Leo March 07, 2004

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