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A disclaimer for any time you quote something from Wikipedia as fact. Acknowledges that it isn't the world's most "reliable" source, but it's still good enough for you to use.
Drew: I heard the old Red Ranger from Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers is gay, citation needed.

Cody: Yeah, I heard that elephant populations have tripled in three years, citation needed.
by SIRdroosef May 22, 2009
One of the Wikipedia's most used phrases. Means that the wikipedian who wrote something before it, could be putting his/her own point of view or even lying.
Mourinho is going to be a manager for England national soccer team. (citation needed)
by abdullais4u December 11, 2007
When you want someone to prove what they just said. Commonly seen in bad Wikipedia articles.
1: "Apparantly, the Greeks invented pudding!"

2:"citation needed"
by RussellLawliet December 29, 2011
To be said aloud when you think you're being fed bullshit.
Can also be used when using hearsay as fact.
Stacey: OMG did you hear that Shanna is pregnant?!?!
Amy: Citation Needed
Emma: You got pwned

Amy: I heard Paul and Josie are going out now.. Citation needed.
by AmyWamyLamy November 22, 2010
The single most pointless addition to Urban Dictionary. On a site where people rant about how gay something is, why is "proof" required? Give me a fucking break. This isn't exactly a website you'd cite on an English essay, stop that shit.
now whenever someone writes about how shitty Lil Wayne is, they get a "citation needed", as if that actually needs more proof
by redillious April 02, 2011
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