Cinco means five and de Mayo stands for "better take a cab home gringo" because 5 times the cervesa means 10 times the hangover bro.
All beers are for a nickel, so while the mahi-mahi mango chutney tacos are good, ayeeeee! Cinco de Mayo is really turning into amatur drinking night isn't it?
by ginger petunia January 05, 2005
the birthday of tia!
feliz cumpleanos a mi!
by tia thornton May 05, 2005
Contrary to a surprising public belief, Cindo de Mayo is not a holiday of independance. It celebrates the battle of Puebla(1862), when 2000 Mexican soldiers beat back 6000 French attackers under the rule of Napolean III. This is also the day that Napolean died. So far as I understand it, the holiday is celebrated much more in the US than in Mexico. We can thank the Corona beer company and college students for this.
"Cinco de Mayo is not Mexican Independance Day. That is September 16th."
by plasticus May 07, 2004

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