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A spunky, sporty, and fun-loving girl to be around. Likes to laugh a lot and be around her friends. Extremely gorgeous and beautiful. Really smart along with great looks and an awesome personality.
Most beautiful girl in the room? Ciana.
Funniest girl in the room? Ciana.
Most Perfect girl in the room? Ciana.
by speakthetruth5 November 30, 2011
A spunky female who is most trustworthy, a loyal friend, and a kick ass person to hang around. Ciana's are usually fun people to hang around, and like to ride their skateboard.
person 1:Jeeze, that girl is so Ciana
person 2: I know I wish I was that cool.
by notchonacho January 25, 2009
a girl whos shy, but like to meet new people, and can play the guitar.
that girl is always with that person, and playing guitar too. she must be a ciana
by ciana92 August 26, 2008
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