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A song that you like very much
Ah put House of the Rising Sun on dude, that's a phat chune
by Aidan Brooks May 31, 2005
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How the british pronounce the word "tune" cause they can't pronounce their T's.
Hey mate that's a catchy chune.
by Freeloading will March 19, 2011
Choice Tunes.

With all of the music in existence being the population, Chunes are a subset within the population containing only the good music.

Music that is bad would not be considered a chune.
(Just got home from the beach and popped a beer) Dude, I'm in the mood for some chunes.
by aMiks September 11, 2008
Slang for "tunes" used by people actually "in the Know" about the music they're talkin' about
These are some ill gangsta chunes homey
by Junglistbadbwoii December 21, 2003
A band from San Diego California.

Circa 1992-1997

Put out 2 records on Cargo/Headhunter records
Chune played like crap tonight

I was tripping balls on acid last night so I put some Chune on the old headphones and chilled
by staymooney December 10, 2008
cute, a hybrid word of cute and hun
"That dog is chune"
by Caitda November 23, 2011
a shaved soft vagina
wow u are acting like a real chune
by matt fronte September 26, 2003

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