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A song that you like very much
Ah put House of the Rising Sun on dude, that's a phat chune
by Aidan Brooks May 31, 2005
289 75
How the british pronounce the word "tune" cause they can't pronounce their T's.
Hey mate that's a catchy chune.
by Freeloading will March 19, 2011
62 20
Choice Tunes.

With all of the music in existence being the population, Chunes are a subset within the population containing only the good music.

Music that is bad would not be considered a chune.
(Just got home from the beach and popped a beer) Dude, I'm in the mood for some chunes.
by aMiks September 11, 2008
34 4
Slang for "tunes" used by people actually "in the Know" about the music they're talkin' about
These are some ill gangsta chunes homey
by Junglistbadbwoii December 21, 2003
25 10
A band from San Diego California.

Circa 1992-1997

Put out 2 records on Cargo/Headhunter records
Chune played like crap tonight

I was tripping balls on acid last night so I put some Chune on the old headphones and chilled
by staymooney December 10, 2008
28 38
cute, a hybrid word of cute and hun
"That dog is chune"
by Caitda November 23, 2011
4 36
a shaved soft vagina
wow u are acting like a real chune
by matt fronte September 26, 2003
50 137