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Someone who hangs around, and doesn't do much, they generally slack and appear lackadaisical. This person is not very useful and their lack of effort is annoying and often bothersome to those around them. They are totally unaware of their chumpness and go on through their days unaware of how big of chumps they really are.
Cody did not see the ball, cause he was chumpin it and finally cut back on the chumpin only to catch the ball and chump it out.
by SPCtacular October 21, 2010
A girl who gives a hand job with each hand simultaneously, in the center of a couch or in the back seat of a car with a man on either side is the common place for this activity.
Two guys one girl in the backseat of a taxi the Two handed Bandit in the center to pay her fee.
by SPCtacular April 04, 2010

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