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A chumpin is a round-faced person with a very chumpinesque smile, i.e. a smile with puffy cheeks that makes them look slightly dopey but endearing all the same.
what a chumpin she is!
by Bird LAWKAMM October 03, 2006
A situation, place, or person and the term varies and could mean empty, lame, or unexciting
Walking into a restaurant and seeing it empty, This place is Chumpin
by Happy-Meal April 14, 2011
1. verb: the act of being awkward in a funny or memorable way

2. adj: to be a chump; to be a generally awkward but funny person
"Dude! I think we just accidentally made a sex joke in front of your mom. "
"HAHAHA. We be chumpin'!"
by chumpophile October 26, 2009
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