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One who can:
1.) Drink a 12 pack in one sitting, and in under an hour.
2.) Can shotgun 4 12 ounce beers in a row
3.) Can beer bong a 40 ounce
4.) Can shotgun 2 16 ounce tall boys in under 15 seconds.
5.) Can chug an entire pitcher

One is considered skilled in the art of chuggery if he can hit 3 of these 5.
Dude, Laki just beer bonged an entire O.E. 40 ounce! WTF?!?!

Yeah, dude, that's why the back of his Sigma Nu jersey says "Chuggernaut".
by lTronHubbard July 29, 2008
An extremely satisfying chug. Scots slang. Not to be confused with "juggernaut".
Louise: "Did you have a chug last night?"
Keir: "Nah, it was more like a CHUGGERNAUT"
Louise: "Hi 5"
by Alain De Botton June 04, 2007
Someone who is an excellent chugger.
Shaun: He chugged all those beers last night?
Mike: Yeah, the guy's a chuggernaut.
Shaun: Hi 5
by Haggarmind February 07, 2008
Someone who can chug beer rapidly and in large amounts.
Hey, did you guys see Chase playing beer pong the other day? That guy's a friggin chuggernaut!!
by happa3000 August 11, 2008
An American drinking game involving the chugging of beer. The object of the game is to guess either the face or number plus the suite, or just the face or number card. If the face or number and suite is guessed the other player must chug his beer. If only the face or number is guessed, then only half of the beer must be chugged.
Dude lets play chuggernaut. Your crazy!!
by Bone_Pudding_GEORGIA July 05, 2009
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