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One who can:
1.) Drink a 12 pack in one sitting, and in under an hour.
2.) Can shotgun 4 12 ounce beers in a row
3.) Can beer bong a 40 ounce
4.) Can shotgun 2 16 ounce tall boys in under 15 seconds.
5.) Can chug an entire pitcher

One is considered skilled in the art of chuggery if he can hit 3 of these 5.
Dude, Laki just beer bonged an entire O.E. 40 ounce! WTF?!?!

Yeah, dude, that's why the back of his Sigma Nu jersey says "Chuggernaut".
by lTronHubbard July 29, 2008
One who is proficient in the ganjacological arts. Can pick the sweetest cheeba cheeba from across the room, and is a weed-snob. Or they can just be an intense pot head.
Cash is definitely a ganjacologist.
by lTronHubbard July 29, 2008
A stretching exercise one does with their asshole to re-tighten it from all that anal/gay sex one has been having.
Dude, I heard Jesse's such a gay, he has to do ass pilates to keep himself from shitting everywhere.
by lTronHubbard July 29, 2008
When someone is clearly a douche bag, but at the same time they are so insignificant to you, they're like a pubic hair found on a urinal cake in a truck stop.
Damn, man, I never realized how much of a douche pube Aaron was.
by lTronHubbard July 29, 2008
a.) The ultimate slang combination of "yeah" and "brah". Ch'yeah, bra. Shortened to simply chebra.

b.) A fusion of a cheetah and a zebra. Rather impossible.
- Bro, do you need a beer?
- Chebra.
by lTronHubbard July 29, 2008
Someone who is constantly thinking about the cock. The person whose ideas either become drafted into cock masterpieces, or they become a cock fiend and sell drugs to get some cock.
Damn, man, that chick was fiending for your D. I'm telling you, bro, she's a serious cock ponderer.
by lTronHubbard July 29, 2008
One who sneaks cock across the border of two countries in order to avoid paying taxes on said cock. Usually through posterior means.
Mikayla brought 150 cocks into this country illegally, she's a cock smuggler
by LTronHubbard August 10, 2008

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