1. a derogatory term for a ginger person with girly hair.
2. a boy with a slight resemblance to annie.
3. a boy who enjoys the company of other fellow gingers
1. ''hey man, your hairdresser really screwed up, your such a Chuckie!''
2. 'did you see that stage show? that girl was a right chuckie!!'
3. Ginger Person 1: hey dude u ok?
Ginger person 2: yeh man im cool!
Normal Person: hey check out those two chuckies!
by rosie erin becky October 16, 2006
Top Definition
English slang C20th. pet term for a loved one or close friend.
Hello Chuckie, I love you.
by A Thomas April 05, 2005
Another slang term for vagina.
"Preston told me that he could see my chuckie when I was wearing my Daisy Dukes."
by Angelin Nicole February 24, 2010
A "Chuckie" is a woman's vagina.
Oh my god, did you see her chuckie?
by Random Counselors August 01, 2010
To do a chuckie is to masturbate in an uncontrolled and public fashion. From Chuckie on Sons of Anarchy who had a chronic masturbation problem..until the chinese mob chopped his fingers off of course.
Whoa...that girl makes me go chuckie!
by Robbo1963 January 26, 2014
A chuckie is a local guy that likes to hang out and crack jokes.
I was in the locker room this morning after playing basketball and there a bunch of chuckies tellin' stories about the Beer Garden last night.
by dmbx7 June 11, 2008
A smokin' hot chick who is also extremely cool and intelligent.
Hey, did you see Dani over there she's bangin!
Yeah, she's a total Chuckie
by Bagthief April 25, 2008
A man/woman who has an unbelievable love of their hair. If a woman, a 'chuckie' will have blonde, punky hair. But if a man he'll have dark, dyed hair. They do not appreciate any comments made about their hair and will do anything to have nice hair.
Did you see how long that guy spent on his hair? He's such a 'chuckie'!
by twitch0307 May 15, 2009
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