Someone who is easily nervous, frightened, or shy towards almost anything.
Kelly is normally chuckie around me.
#rugrats #kelly #kristen #shy #afraid
by Kristen Anderson August 04, 2007
A chuckie is another name for a charlie horse. You know when you get a knot in your calf and it hurts really bad.
Ahhhh shit I got a chuckie!
#chuckie #synonyms charlie horse #synonyms muscle knot #chucky common misspeling #verb or noun depending on how used
by CJ Gee February 18, 2007
an amateur, someone who screws up
(often used in golf or other sports)
"What a chuckie move"
"You are a chuckie"
#amateur #rookie #stupid #incompetent #screw-up
by Julia Sabatine July 13, 2006
1. a derogatory term for a ginger person with girly hair.
2. a boy with a slight resemblance to annie.
3. a boy who enjoys the company of other fellow gingers
1. ''hey man, your hairdresser really screwed up, your such a Chuckie!''
2. 'did you see that stage show? that girl was a right chuckie!!'
3. Ginger Person 1: hey dude u ok?
Ginger person 2: yeh man im cool!
Normal Person: hey check out those two chuckies!
#chuckie #ginger #chuck #ginge #chuckster
by rosie erin becky October 16, 2006
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