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An intense man, who ran the sport of MMA for some time. Using his "wrestling in reverse" he was the first and only mixed martial artist with a great wrestling background to use his wrestling to keep the fight on the feet (most wrestlers prefer the ground). He then used his Kempo kickboxing to rape the UFC's light Heavyweight division. All of his victories are via KO or TKO. He has a gut, so he doesnt look that tough, however he is known as the iceman, and trust me, he could kick the living shit out of you and i together.
Jamal "lets jump this pussy ass white man"
You "thats Chuck Liddell"
Jamal "could we take him?"
You "Not even with a gun"
by gangtothebang! July 05, 2009
The overall best UFC fighter. Ultimate striker, professional wrestler; no man can stand with him in the ring. Chuck trained in San Luis Obispo, CA at SLO Kickboxing, and continues to train there before fights. -He's basically a motherfuckin baller.
"The day you knock out Chuck Liddell is the day pigs flap their wings out of my anus."
by Hason G February 03, 2006
the overall best light heavyweight the world has ever seen!He knocked out greats like tito ortiz, jeremy horn, and randy couture.
chuck liddell is the only person to knock out randy couture
by vanilla midget August 21, 2006
A MMA fighter who was once great, but now should retire before someone kills him.
Guy- "Chuck Liddell just got knocked out by Rashad Evans!"

Dude- "Really? Like he got knocked out by Rampage?"

Guy-"Yea! but this one was way worse!"
by Donald Beaver February 06, 2009
mixed martial arts fighter and current light heavyweight champion. He is a very average and unskilled fighter who only wins because he illegaly sticks his fingers in his opponent's eyes before knocking them out.
When chuck liddell fought Tito Ortiz, Tito was winning until the second round when he was eyegouged by Chuck
by Rob Peters May 06, 2006
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