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a very cool last name
someone who is nice,generous and considerate
your best buddy

is pronounced (boost-a-mon-tay)
NOT pronounced (bust-a-men-tee)
Woah!!! Your last name is Bustamante?!?!?!? You must be AWESOME!!!!!!
#cool #fun #awesome #nice #funny
by Laura1342 August 03, 2010
A cocktail comprised of a blush/rose' wine and an XTC tab. A popular drink enjoyed by exotic dancers working the afternoon shift in "off main street" strip clubs. Not only does this drink allow them to get more into their routine, but also allows them to look very classy to the clientele.
I was at this club gettin' on this girl and I knew I'd close the deal watching how she downed all those Bustamante's one after another.
#couvosier #ripple #xtc #cocktail #cleveland steamer #boston cream pie
by The Big Wiggle December 23, 2009
1) a group of fake decieving people.

2) latin term meaning motherfucker.

3) wealthy hispanic family.

4) to play favorites.
1) What a bunch of Bustamantes.

2) Orale, Bustamante! My pinche food is getting cold!

3) Look at that bustamante saving money on electricity.

4) Damn, your family likes to bustamante alot huh?
#fake #bustamove #boostamente #motherfucker #nice #two-faced
by aliasniglove October 04, 2009
In Spanish, a slang term for motherfucker. Also called bustaputa.
You are a stupid loser, you are a motherfucker, you are a fucking asshole... how about this,you are BUSTAMANTE! there...
#motherfucker #bitch #spanish #puta #slang
by Hijodeputa November 27, 2007
A person who loves a women's jugs .
Hey, did you know that John is a Bustamante? (Tittie lover)
by What's not used already April 12, 2016
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