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1.An completely useless show in which people try to raise publicity of themselves regardless of musical talent

2.An American who travels to many countries and has sexual intercourse with many partners without receiving a disease
I only watch American idol for the tryouts
by Drakethacrusty March 25, 2009
to be rendered unconscious, or killed instantly by a swift roundhouse kick to the face
guy 1: HOLY CRAP!!! i think i killed him.

guy 2: i said kick him, you chuck norrised him man.

guy 3: sorry
by Drakethacrusty March 25, 2009
A band is not punk,used to sound punk, but now are mainstream/alternative rock, others might include A.F.I. and Blink 182
Green day could care less about what music they play so long as they make a lot of money
by Drakethacrusty March 27, 2009
when one esp. a male ejaculates into his hand and then profusely rubs his face with his own semen or signifigant other
i started googling myself when my girlfriend dumped me
by Drakethacrusty March 25, 2009

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