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The process of developing, the journey between the cocoon state of a caterpillar through to the transformation of a beautiful butterfly.
She's going through her chrysalis state.
by RachaelRansom August 16, 2010
1: a pupa of a butterfly/insect
2: a protecting covering; a sheltered state or stage of being or growth
A budding writer could not emerge from his chrysalis too soon.
by MoonCricket February 16, 2005
Hot latina with long beautiful hair who isn't afraid to say what's on her mind. Generally with a latina tanned color, hot body, cute butt, great in bed (good to work-out with) , amazing kisser and good in sports. Loves music and guys.

Loves being the center of attention and can achieve anything
Guy: Dammmnn u're a total Chrysalis, want me to get you a drink?

Girl: Thanks for the compliment, I'm soooo a Chrysalis, check-me-out
by missuknowho October 08, 2010