Italian, meaning "little doll"
As a term of endearment; from an Italian man: "you are my sweet pupa"
by Pupa March 22, 2005
Polish word for bottom, bum.
Pupa it's a bottom so sth you sit on...
by kotvtd October 18, 2006
mea pulpa
meine puppa is not pupa
by pupQ3 November 08, 2011
(PŬPA): Ammended Fupa with additional use of the word "plump"; plump upper pubic area.
"That whore at Walmart sure had a dimply, hairy PUPA."
by fingerthrust January 06, 2012
Protruding Upper Pussy Area - the area above a fat woman's pussy.
She's sooo fat, did you see her pupa?
by thug4life September 28, 2002
Pupa (poo-pah) derives from the word FUPA (fat upper pussy area). Pupa's only come around once a month. A girl gets a pupa on those first few days of her period where she is extreamly bloated and gets swollen around the the area where a FUPA would be.
Gosh Kelly, I hate retaining water on my period, i get the worst PUPA.
by Zoraya January 15, 2007

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