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A holiday that is SUPPOSED to celebrate the birth of Christ, but now has a new meaning to buy overpriced shit such as action figures, lego, toy cars, video games and machines, computers, stuffed toys, that shiny diamond in the window for your lover, a new dog or bird for a nice christmas dinner, a bag of of shit labeled "Chocolate" and other candy, mp3 players, CD's, movies, handguns, rifles, talking toys that have sexual messages to touch children, decorations, TVs, VCR's, DVD players, furniture, kitchen utensils, lamps, books, pornography, sex toys, satellite dishes, disney movies with sick messages and images, sledge hammers, landmines, robots... I think you get the idea now, eh?
Christmas is a time of giving to me, screw everyone else!
by Longjohns September 27, 2005
The day your calendar in your room or where ever you keep it becomes useless.
Shit... It's new year's day. Now I gotta get me a new calendar for the new year.
by Longjohns January 01, 2006

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