Solstice (winter in the north, summer in the south) reinvented by Christian masterminds to allow Sin and Guilt to replace existing, more wholesome and life-loving traditions.
It's Christmas! What the hell is Solstice? I thought the fucking world revolved around ME!
by bumslug April 14, 2009
an International Christian day for Hypocriticism, and a day free from work ..
Let's just, for ONCE a year, pretend we all love and care for eachother ..
by MASiR January 14, 2004
New years celebration dating back to the stone age in europe. When the Catholics decided to convert dark age europe to christianity, they decided to claim that jesus was born on the same day they celebrate new years day and tell them to assume that new years day was a week later.
25th of December
by waffle October 23, 2003
A holiday thats was initially to celebrate jesus' birth, even though historians beleive he was auctuaply born in June. Over the years atheist syarted celebrating it even though they don't celebrate tge most important part, jesus. Christmas now is just a ton of random people frm various religions celebrating a ( suppose to be ) christian holiday by buying insanely expensive presents for each other while the people that truely should celebrate get socks and thats it. Now adays Christmas is about as religious as earth day.
Macy's: Buy our $10000000 home ware

Atheist: Yay that will cover 1/800 of my presents

Christian:I think I will make my children presents for christmas that will show more love.


Chrismas-celebration of jesus hmmm coincidence I think not.
by Nowwhat November 04, 2013
Corporate America's birthday.
Christmas: Happy birthday Corporate America! Here's all of our money for that stuff you sell us that's intentionally manufactured with defects and poor materials to make us continually buy more of your shitty products.
by FoxShadowBlack April 17, 2011
When you want to end a conversation, change the subject, or don't want to answer the question. Usually said in almost a whisper and it kinda has a ring to it
Bill: Hey, so hows it going
Johnny: christmas

Tammy: So who you taking to the dance
Tim: christmas

Kevin: Do you want to try my moms pie
Ryan: christmas
Kevin: So no
Ryan: how about those Giants
by Jordan7 April 10, 2008
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