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(pl. Christmasses)

1. n. The holiday celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. Falling conveniently on the 25th of December, supposedly declared by the Catholic Church to eclipse a Pagan holiday (winter solstice) on the same day.

2. n. A heart touching season where gift giving is promoted, and Santa Claus is every youth's hero. Other Christmas icons include: reindeer, snowmen, elves, presents, pine trees, ornaments, tinsel, holy, yule logs, sleighs, mistletoe, carols, noel, angels, golden rings, calling birds, french hens, turtledoves, birds in fruit-bearing trees...........But no, now it's a pile of shit because everyone is making sales and beating the shit outta people for a Lego set for their bitchy children who keep looking at their presents. Why the hell do we give it too children? They already got their basic needs, It means GIVE not to family give it to the less fortunate you selfish assholes.
Year 1: Here have some free food to celebrate Jesus's birth HURRAH FOR CHRISTMAS!! :D

Year: 2009: get the FUCK OUT OF THE WAY BEEEEYOTCH!!!
by ChristmasIsGay December 12, 2009
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