Christianity is a monotheisic religion that originated from Judaism. There are many denomiations of Christianity and every one of them is different. You have the up-tight Baptists, The guilt-ridden Catholics, the laid-back Methodists, and the very loose Episcopals (my denomiation). It is pretty ignorant to say that all Christians are close-minded and/or hateful. This is untrue for true christians are accepting and try to be loving like Christ.
Examples of the denominations of christianity:

Baptist Prayer-"Lord Almighty, I have sinned badly and please spare me from eternal damnation!"

Catholic Prayer-"Our Mother of Perpetual Sorrow, I am a terrible sinful person, I know i deserve to burn for stealing my neighbor's garden gnome, Please Forgive Me!"

Methodist Prayer-"Well, Let's see here, I sinned pretty bad so how about we just forget about it and star off new."

Episcopal Prayer-"Oh yeah, I'm sorry i passed out on the street after winning the tequila contest. Also, I think I should add a MY BAD for punching George in my drunken rage but George was annoying the hell out of me"
by Jadali April 27, 2008
First of all, Christianity is not only a religion, it's a relationship. In spite of all the hyposcrisy, stereotypes (as well as truths), and blame, this special faith has proven to be a lending hand when all else fails.

True Christians actually do not Bible-beat you or shun you for not believing in what they do. They may feel sad, worried, or guilty, but they won't turn their noses and walk away. They believe in spreading the Word of their faith, but a true Christian won't attack your ideals and morals if they contradict the mission. Christianity is about open doors and opportunity; the gate to heaven is never closed. The signs are right there in front of your nose every day of your life, and Christians only want you to see them. When you may be struggling in life, it is the role of Christians to allow you to seek shelter and to realize that you indeed have someone to turn to who will always be there for you will never stop caring about you.

Also, true Christianity is not stupid and ignorant. It doesn't have to butt heads with science; it can co-exist and agree. Part of the faith is the ability to be open minded and use logical reasoning, such as realizing the Bible contains many symbols and metaphors that represent the overall message. Jesus Himself often spoke in parables; to take them literally would completely alter the symbolism and meaning of the moral of the story (Sadly, this is a common case). As Christians, we don't necessarily know for sure which stories are parables or not. For example, there are two different stories of creation in the book of Genesis. One involves the creation of the earth and universe in seven literal days. the other actually suggests that humans were made from the dry, waterless ground. (Genisis 2:1-9) So which one do we believe? Arguing over which one is "true" has tragically split the religion unecessarily when the overall picture of God's creative design is the most important part. Even evolution has been considered by some Christians to factor into the creation at some point.

So if you are struggling, searching, or realize that something in your life may be missing, just remember that there is a friendship right there, whenever you are ready to give it a try.
Girl: "I've been so depressed lately. I'm struggling with my decisions, my family, and my weight. I've considered suicide before, and sometimes I feel like I have nowhere to go, and no friends to turn to."

Other Girl: "Have you considered Christianity?"

Girl: "Yeah, but aren't they gonna hate me for my messed up life?"

Other Girl: "Well, I know of someone who may help. Look around you. He's right here; He's been with you this whole time."

by Opendoor April 19, 2007
The religion where people believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. These people usually read the Bible and go to Church. They are usually steriotyped and persecuted because of their beliefs. Christians should love always no matter what situation. They should accept homosexuals, murderers, liars, cheats, bullies, and all sinners. Christians themselves are sinners. Christianity is based on Jesus Christ, who died on the Cross to save us from our sins. He loved us so much, that it is now our turn to love others. Christianity is more of a way of life than a religion. It should be lived, not only believed.
Christianity is a religion based on Jesus Christ.
by iceloverchristian March 13, 2015
Popular to contrary belief, christianity is not a religion, rather a relationship. Many people like to harass christians and the belief itself, but usually its the people who are to ignorant to think that maybe humans didn't just explode into existence out of nothing.

Its based around the principle that God sent his PERFECT son Jesus (which there are 3 entities of the one God: God the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit) to die for the world which is sinful. The idea is that you have free will, so you choose if you want God in your life.

Masses of people think that Christianity caused all these wars and man-made chaotic genocides, but most of the time, Muslims have had done most of the dirty work.

The free will part is what makes the most sense because you don't HAVE to become a christian, its a choice and no one has anything to lose. God is all love, and everything happens for a reason, pain and suffering only build your character.
God Bless you all! he loves you, you know... christianity is a choice. But for some reason people of the past give it a bad reputation. I know that its been FRAMED!
by Jerry bombiddly August 05, 2011
A beautiful religion based off of peace, equality, trust and love. Originally a sect of Judaism, Christianity believes in most things Judaism does, except that Christianity follows the concept that Jesus Christ is the divine son of God. Followers of Christianity also tend to have a very personal relationship with God, who is seen as a forgiving and loving God. The place of worship for those who follow Christianity is known as a church.
The follower of Christianity went to pray at church.
by FollowerofChrist14 February 23, 2012
It started when a nice guy hundreds of years ago pretty much said, "Hey guys, maybe we shouldn't be assholes to eachother." For this, he was nailed to a tree.

However, everyone didn't seem to be able to understand "Be nice" so they made up a ton of reasons why he said this.
Eventually this was spun out of hand and one question led to another.

Eventually it started being used to give reason to biggotry. Such as hatred twords gays. When the real reason that these christians hate gays is simply because they are different from them.
It was mainly used to squeeze money from followers (similar to Sceintology). And to gain more followers the christians decided to smear other religons, like Saitanism, to have more followers and more money.
They did this by naming the guy they blamed everything on Saitan, putting their nonsense holidays on the same days as other holidays, and even taking over the holidays of other religons (like Christmas).

Today it is used for, the mental controll of the population of America, stealing money from it's followers, making hate laws (no gay rights), making yourself feel better than everyone else because you belive the story about the cosmic jewish zombie who is his own father, etc...
There are too many christians on the interent.
"No, I'm pretty sure it was Christianity that started WWII."
by GalenTheWorldeEater February 05, 2011
The belief that there is a loving entity out there that supposedly created our planet and us. This belief is complete nonsense. Because of a paradox. The paradox and it's explanation are below.

Omniscience vs. Human Free will. A Paradox.

Omniscience: Perfect knowledge of past and future events.
Free will: Freedom to choose between alternatives without external coercion.
Paradox: Statements or events that have contradictory and inconsistent properties.


Christianity cannot claim that God is omniscient and also claim that humans have free will. The claims form a paradox, a falsehood.


If God is omniscient then even before we are born God will have complete knowledge of every decision we are going to make.

Any apparent choice we make regarding the acceptance or denial of Jesus as a savior is predetermined. This must be true to satisfy the assertion that God is omniscient. Effectively we have no choice in the matter. What we think is free will is an illusion. Our choices have been coerced since we exist and act according to the will of God.

Alternatively if human free will is valid, meaning that the outcome of our decisions is not pre-determined or coerced, then God cannot be omniscient, since he would not know in advance our decisions.

Continuation in the example

If God knows the decision of every individual, before they are born, regarding the acceptance or denial of Jesus as a savior, then why does he create one set of individuals destined for heaven and another set destined for eternal damnation? This seems unjust, perverse and particularly evil.


If God is omniscient then humans do not have free will (see argument above) and the apparent arbitrary choice of God to condemn many individuals to eternal damnation is evil. I.e. God does not possess the property of omni benevolence and is therefore not worth our attention.

If humans have true free will then God cannot be omniscient (see argument above). If he is not omniscient then he also cannot be omnipotent since knowledge of the future is a prerequisite for total action. Without these abilities God can no longer be deemed a god – i.e. God does not exist.

If humans do not have free will then the choice of whether to choose Jesus as a savior or not makes total nonsense of Christianity since the choice is pre-determined and we are merely puppets at the hands of an evil monster.
by Saphlan February 01, 2011

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