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The most Awesome guy you will ever meet. Christans are hilarious, sexy, brilliant, very intelligent, and sweeter than honey. The literal meaning is 'More awesome than Neil Patrick Harris driving a Bat mobile'
Wow, that guy is amazing, is his name Christan?
by ofcourse:P42 April 23, 2010
pronunciation:\chris - 'ten\

function: noun and/or verb

etymology: fem. from the word christ. godlike

A female that is practically unicorn like. Strap on a horn and bask in her presence. She is majestic and archaic. She rules for life. Men and women will fall in a sexual spell in her company. Don't be surprised if you wake up in a corn field covered in Tiffany diamonds, neatly shaved after a moon lit night with Christan.
Christaned (verb): to wake up after a night of what you thought was normal love making to be completely taken back as to what the fuck happened.
by truthispeak000ooo000 February 04, 2010
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