hott piece of ass that all the girls want to get at. his cock is huge and even if the ladies dont know it they will soon enough.
Holy shit man i wish i was like Chris!
by pussypounder August 30, 2008
A guy who can always make you laugh, even at the worst of times. He's an extremely sexy person, even though he denies it. He is also smart, and denies that too. Someone named Chris is always up for having a good time and will always leave you breathless. You'll never be bored with a Chris around.
Wow. He is so much fun to hang out with! He must be a Chris!
by Lizzy aka myranda February 23, 2009
One who kills the people who add gay ass definitions of Chris. He is also a damn good shot with a Desert Eagle
"Dude did You see that guys face?"
"Oh Him, I heard a Chris Got to him"
"Chris is one evil Guy!"
by 2face July 25, 2008
Person who knows everything about everything. Omnipotent being.
Me: I took my car to the shop
Chris: I knew that
Me: I have a leak in my gas tank
Chris: I knew you would
Me: I hate you
Chris: I know you do
by Kelceey February 09, 2009
That sexy ass kid with brown hair and brown eyes. A Chris has an enormous penis that hot ass babes like to suck on.

If you know a Chris, you're one lucky motherfu**** thats gonna have a kick ass rest of their life.
Emily: Damn, that kid is so Chris!

Sally: I know! He's just so sexy!
by chrisshonponer September 10, 2008
The most wonderful man you will ever meet. He is sure to put a smile on your face unless you piss him off. Then you wont have a face to smile with.
Also quite beautiful.
OMG I meet a Chris last night!!
You lucky bitch who is he?
by SpLitZ for you January 02, 2009
The most lovely guy I have ever known.. he makes me smile and laugh and is sexier than Johnny Depp... he is amazing and I love him <3
I love Chris <3
by LindseeChantalGates:] August 25, 2008
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