Is slang for a person with a Plate shaped head.

It may be also a name given for a person with a low platelet count.

Chris is also generally a very thin person.
"That guy has a plate head, he must be a Chris"
"This person has such a low platelet count"
"He is soooo thin, he must be a Chris"
by FSF June 07, 2013
The cheapest guy on earth. He would sell his own limbs for a price. This is the guy that totals up his and his wife's share of the bill at the restaurant and forgets they had all that wine, but thinks that he is a generous son-of-a-bitch. He's the guy that will rip off his friends and his family to save a buck. He is a hoarder of course and lives like a bum but has copious amounts of money that he will never spend. He has no friends left in the world as he has ripped them all off and they all eventually caught on. He is a sociopath but somehow has escaped jail, as he is curiously lucky. He thinks he deserves more than he has and is a bitter bag of shit. Everyone that knows a Chris loathes him is waiting for Chris to die so that their lives will be better.
by fembotnow August 16, 2013
The kind of guy who thinks he's nothing special, but really proves to be better than the rest. He believes he's not worthy, but really, he's absolutely lovely.
There's just something about Chris...
by ElizaLucy February 18, 2010
my super hot boyfriend that turns me on all the time and i cannot wait to give myself to.
As in: I love Chris and i Will forever
by Brooklyn22 January 15, 2009
The world's biggest piece of shit. A cheating, lying, disgusting excuse for a man. Chris will constantly cry to his girlfriends to make them feel guilty. He will pretend that he feels he's worthless and ugly, but behind your back he will sext and flirt with 200 other girls. Also, he convinces people that his exes were crazy, when in reality he most likely has borderline personality disorder. If you ever have the chance to with this mop haired, skinny boy, say no. He will just try to fuck you up the butt.
"Oooh girl, your boyfriend is definitely a Chris. Dump him."

"Look at that Chris over there, he thinks he can get all of the ladies."

Person 1: "That guy seems like a Chris to me."
Person 2: "No way that guy is gay."
by Your worst nightmare xoxo September 21, 2013
Who the fudge are you?!

I'm Chris
by Jockergnome October 08, 2011
Just an average name. No huge cocks, attractive bodies or sexy voices it's just a goddamn name nothin special
" Chris is nothing special!" said Chris as he looked up his name on Urban Dictionary
by Asian No: 69 December 31, 2014

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