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A huge cock, with balls bigger than any other
Wanna touch Chris?
by Dr. STFU August 25, 2008
1. dude on family guy who is afraid of a monkey in his closet.

2. That dude who is always stealing your girlfriend, aka A Brad, or A Jeff... (common names for users)

3. The goofball in your high school that u used to remember.

4. St. Christopher, The act of putting one over their head or sholder and crossing a body of water. Have fun!
the myth that he was blessed when he took Jesus over his sholders, and passed a river. This makes for one of the best games ever. You can race, endurance, different stuff, but it makes for the best time ever if your bored as hell.
1, Chris, that dude on family guy is dumb as hell, but awesome.

2 That dickhead Chris stole my gf again.

3. Remember when Chris s*** himself in class?

4. Yo! Aaron! Lets play St. Christopher!
by bruce69 May 16, 2006
Chris The Name Commonly Given To Sex Crazed Creatures.
''Man, That Guy Is A Total Chris''
by jodanniii July 24, 2009
Best name ever reserved only for pimps and direct decedents of god himself
yo dude last night Chris fucked 3 girls at once it was off the hook
by big pimp48646489 January 10, 2009
basicilly a kid with a huge dick. looks great, smells great, and all the ladies want him. great at sports also. great sense of humor.
Damn Chris is such a Chris
by Calli4392 March 30, 2009
Is slang for a person with a Plate shaped head.

It may be also a name given for a person with a low platelet count.

Chris is also generally a very thin person.
"That guy has a plate head, he must be a Chris"
"This person has such a low platelet count"
"He is soooo thin, he must be a Chris"
by FSF June 07, 2013
A dairy farmer
Stop being so damn awkward chris!
by SpanishConquistador October 05, 2011