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another name for the fuckin' shwoo; the most commonly accepted League terminology for the dank.
Where's the chordle at, bitch?
by Quartersack Kev October 12, 2008
When a person feels like they wish to make a sound but can not think of a sound to make.
(walking incondesently)
"Chordle, Chordle, Chordle" etc.
by Anonmanomous May 23, 2007
To treat somebody in a childish or patronising manner.
Guy 1: Want a lolly?
Guy 2: Oh em gee! Really? Sure! Thanks man.
Guy 1: Kiss a dolly.
Guy 2: Don't chordle me!
by fooeygelo November 07, 2009
Surfer lingo for the act of smoking marijuana, preferably behind a surf shop with shop employees.

A derivative of 'chord,' which is the actual smoking substance.

The 'ch' is pronounced like it is in 'church' or 'chode.'
Hey bra! Wanna chordle before schralping some sets?
by TheStreetsofCleone September 23, 2009
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