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A euphemism for extremely potent, crystal-laden marijuana.

Its political roots are meaningless.
Damn! That Chrondalisa Rice has got me all fuckered up!!
by TheStreetsofCleone September 21, 2009
A dense individual who, upon contact with a promising sexual opportunity, decides to play video games instead of receiving voluptuous sensual pleasures.
"Hornswoggly Bill was a flonderpuss. He was found at his house jerking it to Battletoads."
by TheStreetsofCleone September 20, 2009
Surfer lingo for the act of smoking marijuana, preferably behind a surf shop with shop employees.

A derivative of 'chord,' which is the actual smoking substance.

The 'ch' is pronounced like it is in 'church' or 'chode.'
Hey bra! Wanna chordle before schralping some sets?
by TheStreetsofCleone September 23, 2009

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