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A higher class name, given to those f the occupation of a dishpig, to be used on high class forms . . .
occupation: ceramic technician
by Anonmanomous May 23, 2007
Something often said in a state of shock by to-be-cheek-pinched grandchildren.
"Grandma's here??'
by Anonmanomous May 23, 2007
A person or peoples who resort to the life of a VEGETARIAN, yet add their own faeces twist . . .
"Hey, did you see that girl?"
"Yeah, didn't you know she's a poopatarian?"
by Anonmanomous May 23, 2007
When a person feels like they wish to make a sound but can not think of a sound to make.
(walking incondesently)
"Chordle, Chordle, Chordle" etc.
by Anonmanomous May 23, 2007
When one wishes to hum and mumble at the same time. Only gifted people can do this. Others are just unco.
humble is unexamplable. is a skill that only gifted people have.
by Anonmanomous May 23, 2007

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