Another way of calling one (particularly a girl) rachet, ugly, fugly, gross, unpleasant, repulsive.
(1)Ew, that girl is Chopped!!
(2) That girl over there is so Chopped!
by Electrafied January 07, 2015
A repetitive sound/word in a rap song, common among southern rap, often added with "Screw" and it makes for a unique variety of music.
Yo, DJ Michael Watts chopped that beat up!
by Crisco October 18, 2003
A girl or boy that's ugly. (Or should we say CHOPPED.)
Bro, she chopped. With that ugly ass hair style.
by R.Lavish December 15, 2014
A ugly as trick
Damn, that bitch is chopped (do ginsu knife chopping motion). I wouldn't touch her with a 10 foot pole!
by Sticky May 06, 2003
chopped is having some laughing out the ass
he had me chopped .
by tuty21 March 05, 2012
to get your dick sucked.
damn me and my niggas trynna get chopped tonight!
by giecel July 02, 2003
another way of sayin itz O.V.A
itz chopped 4 that hoe!
by Baby D. October 06, 2004

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