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chopped is having some laughing out the ass
he had me chopped .
by tuty21 March 05, 2012
A ugly as trick
Damn, that bitch is chopped (do ginsu knife chopping motion). I wouldn't touch her with a 10 foot pole!
by Sticky May 06, 2003
another way of sayin itz O.V.A
itz chopped 4 that hoe!
by Baby D. October 06, 2004
to get your dick sucked.
damn me and my niggas trynna get chopped tonight!
by giecel July 02, 2003
Being Really High , After You Smoke Weed .
Im chopped aff, bro !
by PrincessDopey<3@yahoo.com October 30, 2011
a cornball
nigga dat aint funny...u a chopped ass willy
by Netty March 04, 2004
a good ass whoopin'.
Damn homie! Rich chopped the fuck outta Brandon!
by Ric Dank December 23, 2003