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a cornball
nigga dat aint funny...u a chopped ass willy
by Netty March 04, 2004
5 19
to chop a broad like to pick her up,meaning get her number name email
yo i chopped that broad last night
omg!! i chopped this solid guy last night
by cass February 22, 2004
6 20
To get raped when running a race.
Man dat bitch got chopped.
by Justin April 11, 2003
4 18
to be have your extra dick skin cut off,to clip your sheath,to make sure you dick is free of all extra flesh.
I had myself chopped because my penis looked like a garden hose.
by yetti March 25, 2003
7 21
when person 1 hits person 2 in the throat with a horizontal karate chop
jaime chopped joe howard in the throat, and joe howard freaked out.
by mr. cuervo February 19, 2005
7 23
When the call on your cell gets dropped- When it cuts you off and it really pisses you off, the call got chopped.
I was on my cell learnin where my ho was when the call got chopped.
by Chill June 01, 2004
7 23
To get new clothes or a new outfit that is stylish and matches well. This is a West Coast thing as far as I know.
I can't just walk into the party in this raggedy ol' ish, I need to get chopped.
by WeezyFB :) March 20, 2009
51 70