Being Really High , After You Smoke Weed .
Im chopped aff, bro !
by PrincessDopey< October 30, 2011
a cornball
nigga dat aint funny...u a chopped ass willy
by Netty March 04, 2004
a good ass whoopin'.
Damn homie! Rich chopped the fuck outta Brandon!
by Ric Dank December 23, 2003
To get raped when running a race.
Man dat bitch got chopped.
by Justin April 11, 2003
In the world of hip-hop to get chopped is to lose embarassingly in a battle situation.
"Damn homie, did you see Magnillficent get chopped in that MC battle against Sicktastic?"
by Manic D June 13, 2004
to chop a broad like to pick her up,meaning get her number name email
yo i chopped that broad last night
omg!! i chopped this solid guy last night
by cass February 22, 2004
to be have your extra dick skin cut off,to clip your sheath,to make sure you dick is free of all extra flesh.
I had myself chopped because my penis looked like a garden hose.
by yetti March 25, 2003

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