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Being high and drunk and the same time!
your brother needs to stop getting chopped from weed and liquor at the same time!
by Nate-da-great February 01, 2008
1. When running a race, usually a sprint, to get caught then subsequently passed up by someone who started off behind you. See sucked up.

2. Getting a haircut.
1. Dang, Bobby chopped on dat nigga.
2. Ey CJ, where you get yo dome chopped at?
by Tsi July 20, 2005
drunk (used in New York City)
"I got chopped last night with Lanae"
by Love April 25, 2005
to be fucked from mass quantities of elicit substances, feeling the effects of euphoric sensations.
I was so chopped at last night's rave.
by Michaelangelo July 22, 2003
An ugly ass biatch
Dis ho walkin up da street is chopped as a mo'fucka
by Netty March 04, 2004
to get hit on
i was chopped today by some ugly ass guy