In the world of hip-hop to get chopped is to lose embarassingly in a battle situation.
"Damn homie, did you see Magnillficent get chopped in that MC battle against Sicktastic?"
by Manic D June 13, 2004
To get new clothes or a new outfit that is stylish and matches well. This is a West Coast thing as far as I know.
I can't just walk into the party in this raggedy ol' ish, I need to get chopped.
by WeezyFB :) March 20, 2009
when person 1 hits person 2 in the throat with a horizontal karate chop
jaime chopped joe howard in the throat, and joe howard freaked out.
by mr. cuervo February 19, 2005
When the call on your cell gets dropped- When it cuts you off and it really pisses you off, the call got chopped.
I was on my cell learnin where my ho was when the call got chopped.
by Chill June 01, 2004
Being high and drunk and the same time!
your brother needs to stop getting chopped from weed and liquor at the same time!
by Nate-da-great February 01, 2008
1. When running a race, usually a sprint, to get caught then subsequently passed up by someone who started off behind you. See sucked up.

2. Getting a haircut.
1. Dang, Bobby chopped on dat nigga.
2. Ey CJ, where you get yo dome chopped at?
by Tsi July 20, 2005
drunk (used in New York City)
"I got chopped last night with Lanae"
by Love April 25, 2005
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