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n. Dumb mammal. Big idiot.
-Dad, why can't I read? -Because you are a chom.
by JonP June 26, 2006
any human with an i.q. in the negative digits.
Upon Chom's first I.Q. test it was determined that he was so stupid that his score was undeterminable. Upon review it was determined that he scored a -27, way below the score catergorized as "Dumb Fuck."
by Damian G July 02, 2006
Chom: (Noun) or Child of Media
Reference to someone raised by a television. Someone who is constantly texting or always on facebook.

Chomming: (Verb)
Texting instead of listening to someone while they talk. Walking across the street while looking at a phone.
Wearing a bluetooth headset while eating. Taking real life situations and referencing them to films or other media.
Communicating to your spouse, that you live with, on the internet.
The guy was such a Chom, he walked into the street Chomming on his phone and got hit by a bike.

Bill just chommed on facebook to his wife, don’t they live together?
by April 14, 2013
Comes from one of South Africa local languages, namely Xhosa. It means friend. English South African have adopted this word as one of there own. Often used as chommy.
Howzit my chom. Or howzit my chom? Meaning: Hello or how are you my friend.
Hey chommy, wassup? Menaing: Hey my frind, what you up to?
by Marc Gordon September 04, 2006
a word utterd by a green hairy little wart monger when he is either being bummed or being severely beaten by more that one participant of claremont fan court school year 11
arrr chom
by ashwellitimus January 05, 2004
Abbreviated form of the word chomedy.
Caleb: Hey Kyle, my five shih-tzu's just crapped all over the kitchen floor when Total Recall came on the TV!
Kyle: Really? That's Chom.
by Kyle Ligenza March 01, 2008
The piece of skin between a mans anus and his Testicles
Wayne: Hey Adriaan!
Adriaan: Hey Wayne!
Wayne: Hoe gaan dit Chom!
Adriaan: Sies! Weet jy wat is n Chom?
Wayne: Nee!
Adriaan: Draai om en buk, dan lek ek hom
Wayne: Ooh! Dit klink lekker
by McDaddy April 04, 2008

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