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A hand-hula-hoop is a one handed gesture, in which you join the tip of your index finger to the tip of your thumb, thus creating a circle. (hoop)

Also used as an 'OK' signal for divers and swimmers alike, and considered an offensive hand gesture in certain areas, the hand hula hoop is a game to play with friends/idiots.

The Game:

If you are able to coax a player - without moving you hand directly into their line of sight - to look directly at you 'hoop', they are a 'dick'. (See penis)

If they mange to place their index finger inside your hoop without looking at it, they indeed are the victor, and the 'hooper' is a sad and lonley man who should reach for his coat ASAP. (See loser)

Victors of this game are often called Weidner , which is confusing as this is also a term for a cumbersome pilot. see pilot paddy)
Hooper - 'Dude, seen that?'

<player directs friend visions to his hip, next to which he is holding a fine and dandy hand hula hoop>

Victim - 'You dirtbox, your such a chimp i looked right at it.'
by Rammer January 09, 2006
A cumbersome pilot who has recently earnt his wings.

Usually of 'chavish' origin, the highly skilled, but equally idiotic pilot, a friendly chap, who never really gets the point.

Bulky in mass, Light in mental power.
'Is he new? His not bad but a bit dim no?'

'Aye, he's the new pilot paddy'
by Rammer January 04, 2006
See: Crap, Dump, Poo, Shit, Log, Brown Duck, Anal Cable, Feaces, Droppings, Chocolate Log, Sweetcorn filled Shipping Wrecker, HMS Crap, Bog Blocker, Amitage Shanks Worst Enemy, Toilet Willy, Pipe Plunger,The U Bend Bad Boy, Arse Biscuit, Anal Baby, Bum Missile, Shit House Cavalry, Paddy's Mum, Arse Compost, Corndog, Tramps Dinner, Oomphska, Plumbers Nightmare, Sewer Rat, Dirt Valve Vomit (messy) etc...
You see the size of that Chode? that's a danger to shipping that is, get the north sea oil rigs on the phone and tell them HMS Hollistic Shit Stick is on its way over...
by Rammer August 28, 2003

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