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1)A cicciolina is a busty woman.
2)THE Cicciolina is a former singer/porn star who became a huge celebrity in Italy
1)OMG look at that ciccciolina!!!
2)The Cicciolina's real name is Ilona Staller
by JeffZhang May 15, 2005
Also known as Super Tuna Can, a gigantic penis, however, most of it's volume is derived from it's long diameter, not it's short length. Also known as Mega, Super, or Hyper Chode
Man, it's so hard to hide my cheese wheel, it just doesn't fit in any pants
by JeffZhang May 15, 2005
Clothing shop where they sell peculiar clothes, with a certain style. People like it because of its comfortable use and interesting look. However, due to large masses of people flocking towards it, it's prices sky-rocketed and it has become expensive and an icon for "preppy" society.
Usually related to popped collars and over 953 kinds of flip flops.
People tend to have at least 1 article from the shop
Person1:Let's go to Abercrombie to shop
Person2: Ok... I needed new flip flops for the chistmass party (Note: this conversation takes place in Alaska)
by JeffZhang May 14, 2005
1) When a man opens his anus to extreme measures, such that you can pretty much see the inside
MAN! that goatse was so big I could see bones!
by JeffZhang June 08, 2005
A short, stumpy penis, AKA tuna can, AKA Cheese wheel.
Not to be confuse with Choda (Area between ass and ass) ,which is pronounced "Choh-dah" instead of "Choh-dh"
My chode looks like a pie graph
by JeffZhang May 15, 2005
From "Happy Days" and "Laverne and Shirley"
A mature woman with no family who engages in sexual intercourse with younger men and sometimes women
Dude, your mom is a total laverne
by JeffZhang May 14, 2005
"Literal" meaning= Some band people argue wether it's better than radio head
URBAN meaning (the one that REALLY matters)=Sexua techniques involving ice and refrigerators, better if combined with watersports
I'm totally into coldplay, I screwd my girlfriend in a tub o' ice and use an Alaskan pipe to please her
by JeffZhang May 16, 2005

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