Just a cherry helmet surrounded by foliage. No fun at all.
I went to savour his cherry delight but got a nose-full of foliage an a chode for what might!
by Ian November 20, 2003
Fellow people,

Chode does not mean "a penis wider than it is long"
or "the skin between your sac and anus", you dumbasses.

Chode, as verified on Dictionary.com, is the past tense of Chide.

Chide means:
1. to express disapproval of; scold; reproach.
2. to harass, nag, impel, or the like by chiding.
1. Last night, I chode at his penis because it was too short and thick.

2. My teacher chode at me so hard at school yesterday, I almost shit myself.

3. I chode his chode with my chode because I can.
by theBESTLCK January 13, 2012
1. A penis which is thicker than it is long
2, The area between your ball sack and your anus
1. LoL you got a chode
2.My chode is itchy
by Bulldog453 January 07, 2011
One who has a small male sexual organ. Also known to be a braggart, fiend, sexual deviant, cleptomaniac, bad tipper, and a red head.
Hey Ursula why do you keep going out with that dude? He is such a chode and he looks like a genetically altered aardvark.
by The predicament August 24, 2014
The swirly part of the butt hole. Can be used for name calling.
Dude, wipe your chode!

Stop being a chode, you're really annoying!
by bootyson July 09, 2014
A semi flaccid penis
But I only have a chode
by Rrrr June 27, 2014
A stumpy dick doorknob
I would have bought condoms, but they didn't have chode size
by bsbl4ebff January 05, 2014
A short fat dick.
Girl 1: He's so hot
Girl 2: Too bad he has a chode
Girl 1: Omg ew
by MiaCocoRocho July 11, 2013

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