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Yet another name for the urinal turd in South Park
Because one of you thought it would be a good idea to pull down your pants, ok, hover your butt cheeks over the urinal and squeeze out a chocolate hotdog, ok.
by Willba October 29, 2006
Also called the butt sausage, the Chocolate Hot-dog is a turd.
Who squeezed out a chocolate hot-dog into the urinal?
by Emilio Prieto November 29, 2010
An English slang word for a black man's penis. This is not edible.
He took off his pants only for me to see his chocolate hot dog fall out.
by Jozabr December 10, 2010
A Little Debbie® Frosted Fudge Cake with delicious chocolate layers.
I just gained 10 pounds this week! Must be the chocolate hot dog ...
by MyGroovySmoothie August 05, 2010
When a girl shits on your dick and proceeds to give you a handjob
Dude 1: Bro did you get any last night?
Dude 2: Just a chocolate hotdog.
by DirtiestSanchez December 23, 2015
A steaming fecal mass!
Hold up, wait a minute... I gots ta drop off da chocolate hotdog, B!
by Rainsinger June 09, 2009
A penis covered in feces after exiting an asshole after anal sex.
After Ted and Larry had sex, he might as well have called his dick a Chocolate Hotdog.
by hahaha_no December 23, 2006
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