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A specific hair color that is a mostly dark brown but with a reddish tint.
Person 1: Hey I am dying my hair.

Person 2: Oh yeah? What color?

Person 1: Chocolate Cherry.

Person 2: Oh damn that is going to look fly as hell, I LOVE CHOCOLATE CHERRY
by ewik69 October 19, 2010
11 2
a mixture of feces, being the chocolate, and bloody hemorrhoids, being the cherries after a particularly violent and enthusiastic, yet unexperienced hem job.
Forrest is an avid chocolate cherries fan. He's always got a mouth full of that shit, he's such a disgusting fucking assbag.
by Whoopi Goldberg January 22, 2008
4 5
to have your asshole's cherry popped
Sam McAdam poppped Laura's chocolate cherry last night
by anthony connors November 09, 2008
8 13
Chocolate Cherry is a name referring to ones anal virginity.
First person: Dude, he stole your chocolate cherry!

Second person: I know, I was so fucking drunk I didn’t feel a thing.
by Duper Darah Frangle-Attack November 17, 2009
3 14
When you stick your index and middle fingers in a menstruating vagina and your pinky finger in her anus, then you wipe your hand across some ones face.
Last night, my girl was on the rag and I ended up giving my self a chocolate cherry.
by Philatio October 20, 2008
0 12