possibly the greatest thing ever invented.
yummy kinds of chocolate: hershey's, ghiradelli's, godiva, russel stover's, wonka
by eryn! April 05, 2008
The tastiest thing in the world!
Hey do you want some chocolate?
by abi March 20, 2005
by CottonEyedBlow July 28, 2014
Something that makes you feel better when you are down
Here have some chocolate!
by Tibeti June 24, 2015
The best substance on the earth. Varys in different shades of brown. Varys in sweetness. Originally used by the Aztec Indians. Diana's favorite food of all time.
My birthday is coming up really soon, and for it I want chocolate.
by Diana Stephens November 01, 2004
The meaning of life.
I eat lots of chocolate every day.
by HelloItsMello February 07, 2013
The most incredible feeling one can ever have
Dude....i am so chocolate right now, you have no idea

Dude....you are way too chocolate for your own good
by Tiberious hoo ha June 15, 2010
1) a substitute for sex
2) something women crave when not getting satisfied sexually
He can't be no good in bed, his woman always hittin' the chocolate.
by chocaholic May 15, 2003

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