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An awesome food product used in all sorts of food creations as well as used on its own, can lead to sexual pleasure with partner if used in the proper manner. Can also have side effects such as the bending of your toes backwards
"oh look a chocolate bar" eats chocolate "omg my toes are bending backwards!"
by Godfather October 21, 2008
Hershy, Ghiradelli, Dove, dark, white, milky, etc. Usually acts as medicine for your PMSing friend or girlfriend. A great romantic gift. The secret to life.
Boy:I'm really sorry I forgot your birthday.
Girl:You should be.
Boy:I brought you this chocolate
Girl:Awwwww. Thank you Johnny.
by Mandy Sophia Mendez July 24, 2007
Chocolate covered psilocybin mushrooms, usually smaller than regular mushrooms
My boy got some chocolates and me and him were trippin for hours
by Aaron A-Money March 19, 2007
A substance that helps put all Dentist's children through college.
Damn, i'm losing more teeth by the day!!
by Wise Man November 05, 2003
The best food of heaven, earth, and hell.
by lexisan November 05, 2011
Something women eat to get over the guys they loved but then the guy turned into an ass.
Women 1: Im so sorry! How are you ever going to get over him?

Women 2: Im going to eat chocolate like theirs no tomorrow.
A male that a teenage girl likes, the word chocolate used as a code to keep it a secret.
Did you talk to your chocolate today??
I like my chocolate with caramel and nuts!
by Liz Arnaud August 22, 2010