The almighty distraction

Rick: Bitch!
Venessa: What?
Rick: Chocolate.
by Distractor January 28, 2008
The BEST food on the planet.
Me: *munch*
Person: What are you eating?
Me: Chocolate.
Person: Wow. What else is new?
Me: *WACK*
by PurpleishInk2 August 12, 2008
possibly the greatest thing ever invented.
yummy kinds of chocolate: hershey's, ghiradelli's, godiva, russel stover's, wonka
by eryn! April 05, 2008
The reason I live.
in Willy Wonka's chocolate factory. YES
by mypseudonymishi November 04, 2011
The Meaning of life.
Screw 42 thats a load of bull.
Chocolate + mushy romance film = the best cure for a broken heart
REMEMBER chocolate is an afrodisiac it actualy scientifically makes u feel better
chocolate is my substitute for love.
my best friend got dumped so we spent our saturday night with dairy milk Chocolate and mister darcy
by Mb... December 22, 2008
Your mouth's way of having an orgasm.
When I didn't have an orgasm during sex I popped out some chocolate and my mouth did the rest.
by tamtam27 November 10, 2010
A code word for sex. Often used around small children, adults, eavesdroppers, or other people who do not need to know what you're talking about. Can also provide inside jokes to you and your friends.
Sorry guys, gotta go. Gonna go get me some chocolate.
by kdj008 January 25, 2011

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