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When a Male Or Female takes a huge dump on his or her partners chest in a spiral like motion
Shaun- I Had to go to the bathroom so bad so i got my gal and gave her a Chocolate Swirl
by Omar Miranda December 20, 2006
The process of sticking your cock, finger, toe, tongue, nose, and/or fist, in a woman's (or man's if your into that kind of thing) anal cavity and heaving your whole body in a circular motion.
Steve gave Catherine/Carl a Chocolate Swirl that was so intense it tore a hole the size of a grapefruit that continuously bled and became quite infested with bacteria, fungi, crabs, yeast, and pubic hair; and discharge. Eventually leading to her/his sexual demise and rue.
by dairy whore 6969 February 14, 2008
When someones head gets dunked and flushed in a toilet with full of poop.
The bully gave the kid a Chocolate Swirl.
by Travis55 December 07, 2011
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