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The act of inserting the head of one's penis into another person's anus and then pulling it out with fecal matter.
Randall will no longer perform anal sex on his girlfriend after pulling out a chocolate cupcake the other night.
by meaty14 August 30, 2009
the atmosphere is heady, and the lover heads south to demonstrate his cunnilingus skills. after several moments of bliss, the woman cries "im gonna cum, please don't stop, please!" upon the woman's plea, the lover burries his face frantically and at that moment, just as he expects his woman to cum, she "sharts" in his face.
dude, i was eating this girl out and i totally thought i was about to make her cum, and then she sharted in my face and said "eat that chocolate cupcake"

he was such being such an asshole to me, so gave him a chocolate cupcake
by fungamam August 06, 2009
When a man takes a shit in a girls mouth and lets the girl suck his dick with shit in her mouth
He was having fun but he wanted more kinky shit....a chocolate cupcake
by seth dutton November 08, 2003
When semen is placed on a partners dirty buttcrack and then licked off.
"Yo did you hear? Joey just had like a bakers dozen of chocolate cupcakes last night"
by Bruce Scholfield April 05, 2009

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