Chloe is the name for a girl in which she Is a lieing, cheating, playing bitch. She will use you in any way possible to get what she wants "preferably sex, considering theyre whores" whether it be pretending to love you, getting back with her ex multiple times and running back saying it's a mistake after shes fucked him, or all of the above plus some. Do not trust most chloes because they are very well minded manipulators that will rip your heart out, shit on it, put it back in, and will continue to repeat it untill you realize shes a cunt. *Beeb: bitch, envied, ex, bye.*
Dude you two look so happy how are you guys?

We broke up so she could fuck her ex and come back saying she was inlove with me only to leave again after a week.

Oh.. wtf man shes such a Chloe!
by It's_The_Truth September 23, 2014
Fucking bitch. Thinks she knows everything. Really Small backstabbing lieing cunt.
That girl there must be a Chloe, she's small and a fucking annoying bitch!
by laollalnya21 November 22, 2014
Chloe is the kind of wife you want. She is a dick, possibly the ultimate dick. Chloe will make you fall off chairs laughing, and if not, she'll kick you off. Chloe is thoughtful/intelligent, like for example she may pretend to be pregnant on the tube to get a seat offered to her when hungover. Chloe does not waste a penny so she pays in copper coins at self-service machines in supermarkets- afterall it would be stupid to throw copper coins in the bin. Chloe is a fair person and can therefore find reasons to dislike most people. If she leaves out a more specific reason for you, don't worry, one of her sweeping generalisations will cover it. Chloe is a saint, she is The Giver, and even has one up on mother teresa with her pity sex. Chloe will protect you at all times, like when she goes home before you with all of your friends to ensure your house is clear of intruders while you are walking home alone in the dark drunk at 3am. Chloe is very generous- she'll shout you dinner when she wins the lottery, over a certain amount. Chloe is very sweet before she punches you in the face, but given how easy it is to infuriate Chloe with backpacks, slow movement, stupidity, most accents, religion and niceness, you probably deserved it and should've known better. Chloe is very informative and knowledgable so she'll certainly let you know if this is the case. You wouldn't say Chloe is a cunt, but she is. She's a sickcunt and she doesn't even know!
Stranger on tube; "Would you like my seat miss?"
Chloe; "Yes, thank you, you're very kind. My back was getting sore from supporting this slightly fictional bundle of joy I'm yet to bring into the world!"
by-stander on tube; "Christ, really smells like stale rum on the tube today!"
by chloeswife October 10, 2012
Tease to the max. Inviting boys over on a daily basis but never letting them do anything sexual with you. Letting every boy think they have a chance with you then denying them when it gets TOO close to becoming something sexual. Basically, being your own cock block towards all boys.
Girl, stop being such a Chloe and give him some.
by EddieTurtle September 15, 2010
A very rude common white girl who believes she is better than everyone else. Although pretty, a Chloe generally tries too hard TOO look cute. A Chloe thinks everyone is jealous of her and they want to be just like her. Has a huge attitude problem and an annoying, squeaky voice.
Guy 1: Dude did you see that hot chick!?
Guy 2: No! Dude! You don't want her, she's a Chloe.
by itstartswithasmil3 May 16, 2013
Is one of the most selfish people u will ever meet if she doesn't get what she wants she causes shit thinks shes hot when she really isn't an treats others like crap
Boy 1: that girl thinks shes it she must be a chloe

girl 1: shes selfish enough as well definitely a Chloe
by swjs June 04, 2014
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