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a french slut, plays with guys makes them think she's all theirs but she cheats like she gets paid for it... she always watches that the only ones who see she's in a relashionship on facebook is her boyfriend and his friends and family, she also never has pictures of him in her profile picture
shes a slut
yeah just like chloé
by revengesssssa November 24, 2010
Girl too comfortable with cats, small boys, and local Goodwills. Obsessed with candy machines, mustaches and losing her virginity to complete jerks.
-What's that girl doing in the Goodwill cloths rack wearing a mustache and licking a cat?
-Oh she's just a Chloe.
by loves cats May 29, 2009
Fishy: Chloe is a girl that has the most horrible stench of fish coming from her vaginal area.
Man 1 : Eww did you just smell that fishy smell?
Man 2: Yeah! Its chloes vagina!
by MrManManManManManMann November 14, 2010
Name common to girls of the Spanish. People usually mistake Chloes with the devil; however, most fail to realize demons are infact their spawns. Chloes travel in groups of 5, usually consisting of one sassy girl (the Chloe), one HK fashionista, one Yaniw target, one artiste and one temporary try-hard. Most hate these packs of young girls, but to them it's just fun and games.
In their spare time, Chloes usually dance in front of the mirror for 5 hours, buffer their nails, sing songs of replaceable men and absorb text. Although Chloes are accused of being void of emotion, Chloes are in reality full of emotion. Their peak of emotions are when they are experiencing intense fussyness and turn into a little ball of rage.
At moments like this, it is important to stay off their hit-list, for Chloes tend to own machetes and gun licenses. In general, Chloes are rather pleasant creatures that find safe havens in the most unlikely of activities, such as straightening their hair, stretching upside down and eating hungrymen.
Chloes happen to love Teddy Grams, and do not enjoy when illusions of them being stolen are presented. Most are unable to understand this special creature, but for those who do, they manage to find appreciation in the true friendship that Chloes can offer. The name Chloe can be interchanged with the name Zoe.
"Chloe, no one's gonna marry you if you're dark."
by Paddycakes January 26, 2007
When you unzip a sleeping guys pants and start giving them a handjob as if they were awake and willing
-does the chloe on random guy-
Guy: (wakes up) what the hells!

"Hey that guy is hot, when he sleeps we should chloe him"
by MTGBMS October 06, 2008
likes guys typically named andrew james or sean.
a bratz doll
pretty but mean and sarcastic
she likes andrew? shes a chloe.
by NVGirl January 30, 2009
The belief that the key to immortality lies within the glass eye of a 37 year old postal worker.
Mark: Dude, im a total believer in Chloe.
Stan: What the hell ?
Mark: GOSH your such a skeptic.
by AnneTheDuckFeeder November 26, 2008