A short girl with blone hair that is always trying to be the best at everything which is kinda annoying, but u cant seem to live with out her. However she is very moody.
She's also the kind of person that you'll have a crush on, but wen u finally go out wit her, she'll break your heart and kick you when your down.
Bryan: Hey chloe, i cant hang out rite now gotta a project to do.
Chloe: It:s due tomorrow, you should've done wat i did and started when you got the papers. It's things like this that will get you nowhere in life unlike me.
Bryan: Watever
Chloe: Hey.. do you want to go to the mall Saturday on a date
Bryan's heart soars, his dreams were coming true.
Bryan: Sure i'll pick you up at 6:00

2 Weeks later
Mandi: Bryan, chloe wants to break up wit you
Bryan's heart breaks into 1,000,000 peices, but he pulls on a straight face

3 Weeks Later
During band Bryan get a text from Chloe who is sitting 2 rows behind him.The text says these following words

I Hate You
by BrokenHearted7310 January 07, 2010
A woman that queefs alot
by misam April 29, 2010
A cute, sensible, funny girl. Sometimes though she'll act/look like a whore. She can be a bit of a tease. Because of this she leads a double life.
Guy 1: Hey my girlfriend is such a Chloe...
Guy 2: That sucks man, she'll lead you on for a long time. Better break it off now.
by rockyahh September 17, 2010
A hoe who will get on her knees for anybody and anything. one who loves to swallow long big hairy things
-"damn she must hav slept with every boy in school"
"i know she is such a Chloe"
by chloe7680 March 16, 2010
A pretty looking girl with retarded instincts, a love for women and bizarre hygiene issues.
What is that smell? Oh, that's Chloe.
by saraharps May 03, 2010
a french slut, plays with guys makes them think she's all theirs but she cheats like she gets paid for it... she always watches that the only ones who see she's in a relashionship on facebook is her boyfriend and his friends and family, she also never has pictures of him in her profile picture
shes a slut
yeah just like chloé
by revengesssssa November 24, 2010
Girl too comfortable with cats, small boys, and local Goodwills. Obsessed with candy machines, mustaches and losing her virginity to complete jerks.
-What's that girl doing in the Goodwill cloths rack wearing a mustache and licking a cat?
-Oh she's just a Chloe.
by loves cats May 29, 2009

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