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verb. Jacking off, using the bun, chili, and cheese aspects of a chili-cheese dog. You provide the weiner!
It's been a rough day, I'm gonna chizzy one out.
by Master Chili Dog May 11, 2010
3 13
money, cheddar, cheese
i got me some chizzy
by fashionfoe April 29, 2008
4 15
the coolest chick at holton arms

also called cheeseand chiz
cheeeeeeesseeee (thats chiz)its my cellphone i sweeaar!
by dromio October 21, 2004
25 36
Chizzy is my changed name.

It came from 'Cheese'. Only better.
Chizzy is not any form of internet slang. >.>;
by Chizzy April 13, 2005
8 24
chizzy does silence of the lambs shit with his chodeness..
by i am your father April 06, 2003
2 27
Charlie Deane of Newport High school is hot...

really hot
and he has a huge penis
that chizzy is hot
by eattofuholmes April 06, 2003
0 32