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annoyed, angry, irritated, frustrated
Steve continually poked Pete until he became very chizzy
by -=Kev=- May 04, 2006
Also known as Michael Guy Chislett.
A beautiful man that plays guitar in a band named The Academy Is...
No one can resist him and his Australian accent.
He's also very nice, which is definitely a plus.
Person #1: Hey, how was the show? Did you meet Chizzy?
Person #2: YES! God, I love that man.
Person #1: Me too. *sigh*
by anonymous_person_ July 27, 2008
The most beautiful , intelligent and adorable girl ever.
Look at that Chizzy
by cnjoku February 05, 2013
horny; turned on; in the mood to hook up
The way Harris was dancing made me feel so chizzy.
by FavnceHovse July 08, 2011
Usually pejorative, somewhat funny, somewhat cheesy.

Chizzy can be very good, but it can also be very bad. Chizzy is hand gestures. Chizzy is an adjective, but it is also a way of life and an attitude. Chizzy can replace one word in each sentence that you speak.
I'm feeling cray cray, that chooba we got from the Haight was kinda chizzy.
by the anchorwoman April 28, 2005
A bloody cum fart.
My boyfriend has a girthy penis and after he dumps a load in my ass, I sometimes fire a chizzy onto the wall.
by T. Chizzy June 28, 2011
The chow hall on an Air Force Base.

yo, you goin to the chizzy for lunch?
by ben vegas January 23, 2007
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