During the sexual act in which one is receiving fellatio, they rest their testicles on another persons chin.
After realizing the girl was too ugly to fuck, Colin decided to just give her a chinner.
by SDL20 June 01, 2007
Top Definition
Someone or a person who cheats to win
I won't play games with Mariah, she is a Chinner.
by Ri pie July 05, 2013
a word founded in a screwed up place called shaw... it is commonly referred as to meaning tough shit....
bird 1 : awwww i well wanted to buy them jeans....
bird 2 : Chinners
by wammy April 21, 2006
Chinner (noun)
A Chinner is a person with an overly developed, large, possibly even scary chin or jaw.
A Chinner can probably use their chin as a dangerous weapon.
Chinners have a tendency to stick their chins out - through choice or not.
Chinners have notably protruding chins.

If you see a person with one scary looking piece of jaw, then that person is a Chinner.

The protruding jawline of a Chinner tends to make them look smug about stuff, and it can be said, in the well known phrase, "Chinners are Winners".

Chinners found their fame as a foodstuff for giant vegetables in the well-known tale of the Uberpea, which I *DIDN'T* write, so should probably stop talking about that, the idea of "handsomeness" from olden times, and stuff like that.

To Chin (verb) To attack someone with an overly large chin. A violent trademark act of Chinners.
"Woah! Look at that Chinner!" - meaning "look at the big-chinned person!"

"Aki Hakala is king of the Chinners!" - meaning "Aki Hakala is one intimidating mother piece of jaw!"

"Chinners are winners!" - A true phrase which speaks for itself. I should know, for I, too, am a Chinner...

"Shut up, or else I'm gonna chin you to the face!!" - meaning "Shut up, or else I will dent your face with my big chin!!"
by Lauri (Fellow Chinner) January 02, 2005
(men only) flipping up a tit (more fun if the dude has jello jugs)
Kevin flips up Alex's pec, makes a pop sound, and says "Chinner to the sky!"
by defoedude February 28, 2006
A retarded,downsyndrome or mentaly or physicly handicaped person or persons.
''im not going to go hang with the chinners there stupid and play shit football''
by Arthur 'Tur' Browne December 14, 2007

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