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a rapper whoz also a fione azz nigga, oh yeh =D
ey chingy, y yo eyez so chinky, is it because u been smokin and drinkin?!
by ha April 29, 2004
A fine ass nigga 4 real. He's a cold cut $ sho. Represnt St.Louie.
So fine. I see ya boy. $$
by Chingy's Chick October 08, 2003
well let me tell y about chingy, chingy is sexy, hotass, fine ass , man o man is a the hottest rapper on earth. Chingy i hope u reading this , all i have to say is . Chingy is so damn hot. Everytime i hurr yurr voice i go crazy ass hell. like "yo, thats my baby, look / oh chingy is so fine. Yo i wish he was mine" Yo Chingy holla at yurr gurr in perth amboy in nj, hurr is my address 788 High St.
hot , sexy, damn banging, money, fine, and damn oh banging.
by Chingybabygirl Jalessa March 18, 2004
chingy is the finest nigga i have ever see in my life. He needs to come right hurr so we can do sumthin right thurr. He is just a sexy ass nigga.damn.
cum ova hurr so we can f**k ova thurr.
by janae December 07, 2003
rapper who rapped the phenomenon..
catching tune..
i like the way u do dat RIGHT THURR
u make me THURR
make me come HURR
by no November 30, 2003
A really fine azz freaky rapper wit a hot JACKPOPT.ching-aling the crip wit much ding-aling.I LOVE YA CHINGYa.a.k.aMr.right there
a man with the sexiest finest lips in the whole wide world
i'll kiss on dem lips all day and ride dat dick 24-7
by anonymous February 23, 2004