Chingy;noun- A fine rapper from St.Louis. See also; My Man!
Chingy is fine, therefore he is my man.
by Melanie August 08, 2004
The Word Chingy Means: "C" is forkash, because my man will always have that. "H" si for hunee, because as long as he has his honey (Tay) on his side, he has no worries. "I" is for irressistible, for a man that fine you can never say no. "N" is for nas'tee, because i have so many freaky things I want to do to him."G" is for gide because everytime i see him all I can say "GIIIIIIIIIIIDDDDDDDDEEEEE Damn!!!!!!!!!! and "Y" is for
YO-DE-LAY-HE-WHO because when I finally see chingy 1on 1, that's what i'm going to do to his ballz. all together chingy is a big dick "12INCHES" or better

MIAMI, FL represent chingy to the fullest 4/LIFE
Alot of niggaz which they had a chingy.
by Artavia Fletcher August 04, 2004
Fine ass nigga who i wish i could get with. all the girls want him but he really only wants me. All the hatin ass hoes need to back off cus Chingy is me.:)
Chingy loves Mitza
by Maritza.G. December 14, 2003
A fine bad boy HEZ MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wish there would be mo like him
by Evelyn September 02, 2003
A rapper who was supported by E! news live when he was beginning but now i'm not sure. Was also claimed dead by my sister and by a lot of people but really isn't.
1. Chingy has hit the charts with his new song "Right Thurr." We Love you Chingy!

2. RP: Hey you know Chingy is dead?
Me: Chingy ain't dead you stupid fool.
by RP July 07, 2004
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