A really fine azz freaky rapper wit a hot JACKPOPT.ching-aling the crip wit much ding-aling.I LOVE YA CHINGYa.a.k.aMr.right there
a man with the sexiest finest lips in the whole wide world
i'll kiss on dem lips all day and ride dat dick 24-7
by anonymous February 23, 2004
a damn ass fine nigga who puts the "f" in fine!!!!
chingy is so damn fine! i dont think they can get ne better
by dark angel December 16, 2003
a neon green spider monkey alien with a third eye and a digitized matrix code looking arm. terrorizes random stuff.
fortunately alien chingy is currently hiding in Brandi's closet
by darstar November 15, 2003
One GORGEOUS, FOINE ass muthaf*cka!!
L BOOGIE's (me) husband!
Fake wifeys BOW DOWN
Lauren is Mrs. Chingy.

"Give me what ya got fo a poke-chop (pork-chop), uh!"
by Lauren aka L Boogie October 26, 2003
A Hip Hop artist from ST Louis. Great songs like Right Thurr Holidae Inn and Balla Baby.
I like the way you do it right thurr right thurr
by Ching-a-ling April 18, 2005
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