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Noun (Etmy. Greek Chingkos "Thing")

An object, thing, or place that is exuding with coolness; A thing or thingy

See Cancerous
Yo man, could you pass that thingy, or should I say Chingy
by ThatthingyorshouldisayCHINGY December 09, 2003
hes fine hot kewl and nice and all mine
by krazy kayla September 26, 2003
Described by the one and only(Chingy himself on mtv):"Means to be rich or to be a baller"
to make a long definition short......
Lovable, Sexy, Legal, and Willing!!
legalis over 21 he is 23!
lovable has no kids and is easy to get along with!
willing never says no to having fun!
SEXY Chingy is the definition of sexy!!!!!!!
by Janeeta M. Laws January 09, 2004
he's a fine ass nigga he has made a name for himself being new to the rap game and all.
chingy is off the chains
Chingy means money {{CHINGY IZ TO DAYUM FYNE}}
"i got dat chingy!"
by Nae August 21, 2003
Chingy;noun- A fine rapper from St.Louis. See also; My Man!
Chingy is fine, therefore he is my man.
by Melanie August 08, 2004
The Word Chingy Means: "C" is forkash, because my man will always have that. "H" si for hunee, because as long as he has his honey (Tay) on his side, he has no worries. "I" is for irressistible, for a man that fine you can never say no. "N" is for nas'tee, because i have so many freaky things I want to do to him."G" is for gide because everytime i see him all I can say "GIIIIIIIIIIIDDDDDDDDEEEEE Damn!!!!!!!!!! and "Y" is for
YO-DE-LAY-HE-WHO because when I finally see chingy 1on 1, that's what i'm going to do to his ballz. all together chingy is a big dick "12INCHES" or better

MIAMI, FL represent chingy to the fullest 4/LIFE
Alot of niggaz which they had a chingy.
by Artavia Fletcher August 04, 2004